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Released new version of 4WS.Platform: a free rapid application development platform

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4WS.Platform is an open source product hosted in, that organizations can use toquickly develop web applications by graphically configuring them.Starting from an already existing database, it is possible to define a data model composed oftables and relations, by using a reverse engineering feature.Once available the data model, any number of windows can be defined: trees, grids, detail forms, google maps, images can be included.A strong authentication and authorization mechanism is also included.It has been designed to dramatically reduce the amount of time required to create simple-to-mid size web applications.It is based on Java and a relational database. Supported databases are Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer and PostgreSQL.It can be run using a web container such as Tomcat.Through the web site  it is possible to get more information about the product and how to use it.The new version of the product can be freely downloaded through Sourceforge portal at: 
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