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Quorum 1.5 Released with Robotics Controller for Blind Kids

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My team has officially released the next version of our JVM programming language, Quorum 1.5. As always, this is fully integrated into the NetBeans Platform through Sodbeans 3.0 (which was also just released). As part of this release, we are continuing to make adjustments to the syntax/semantics based on empirical evidence documented either by my lab or with evidence from the academic literature. In this release, we significantly altered our conditionals syntax, based on the results of studies, and also added a ton of new features.

Here's a link to the Quorum website:

While there's lots of new stuff, one feature we had fun with this time is integrating a robotics controller into Quorum, which will allow some of the blind kids we work with to participate in botball competitions right from within NetBeans:

Here's a screenshot of Quorum working inside of NetBeans. It's pretty much fully integrated nowadays, with a few exceptions that we haven't gotten to yet (e.g., editor hints, refactoring).

Finally, here's an image from the Quorum installer. When we first designed the language, one of the very first ideas we had was to have users vote on the syntax (mostly out of curiosity). So, one of my graduate students made an image of rabbits voting on the comparison operator inside of conditional statements.

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