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QuipuKit 1.4.1 with Fixes for DataTable & TreeTable

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TeamDev has released QuipuKit 1.4.1, a commercial component library for JSF. This maintenance release includes fixes for keyboard support in Opera and Safari, and other fixes for the DataTable and TreeTable components. For a complete list of fixes, please visit the What's New page.

QuipuKit TreeTable


  • SuggestionField: Improved performance of the DropDownField with client-side suggestion mode with very long suggestion lists.


  • DataTable/TreeTable:
    • Keyboard “repeat” behavior does not work when navigating DataTable/TreeTable in Apple Safari and Opera.
    • Keyboard navigation does not work in Apple Safari 3.
    • Page is scrolled together with row selection in Opera and Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS.
  • TreeTable:
    • The even/odd row styles are not recalculated on client-side or Ajax node folding.
    • Odd/even row styles are applied out of order in some cases when all nodes are preloaded.
    • Exception when quickly Ajax-expanding nodes in TreeTable.
  • DataTable: Page is scrolled by DataTable keyboard pagination in Opera and Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS.
  • SuggestionField: Alert with JavaScript error appears on the SuggestionField pages with JSF Sun Reference implementation 1.2, Facelets and Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.
  • Validation: JavaScript error appears in the page with client-side validation but without QuipuKit components.

The new version of QuipuKit is available on the Download page.

For any questions or feedback related to QuipuKit, visit forum or e-mail us directly.

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