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Pro JavaFX Released in Apress Alpha (Early Access) Program

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Pro-javafx-alpha As many of you know, Weiqi Gao, Stephen Chin, Dean Iverson and I have been writing a book entitled  Pro JavaFX that is targeted at serious developers who want to use JavaFX.  In addition to the book being available in printed form by JavaOne 2009, we made the decision last week to allow the book to be offered as an Apress Alpha (early access) eBook.  This enables you to see the chapters of the book as drafts are submitted and are revised, which gives you access to the content as soon as it is created (typos and all).  This also enables us to fine-tune the material based upon your feedback.

Here's a list of the chapters that will be in the book:

  1. Getting a Jump Start in JavaFX
  2. Taking a Closer look at the JavaFX Language
  3. Creating a User Interface in JavaFX
  4. Defining Functions and Classes in JavaFX
  5. Creating Custom UI Components in JavaFX
  6. Using the Media Classes
  7. Advanced Features of the JavaFX Language
  8. Dynamically Laying out Nodes in the User Interface
  9. Extending JavaFX with Third Party Libraries
  10. Building a Professional JavaFX Application
  11. Developing JavaFX Mobile applications

Currently, five chapters (1, 2, 3, 4, 8) are available for download, and each of these is in first or second draft.  Chapters 6 and 9 will be available soon as first drafts.

Weiqi, Stephen, Dean and I welcome you to join us in this journey as we complete the development of what is becoming a definitive treatment of JavaFX for professional developers.

Jim Weaver

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darryl west replied on Thu, 2009/03/05 - 10:09am

Hi Jim,

 I just downloaded and read the first three chapters of Pro JavaFX--good job. After using Adobe Flex 2 & 3, I'm looking forward to moving to JavaFX.  Your comments about Sun's J6uN technology from chaper one helped push me over the line.  That, and the work that the NetBeans team has done for development of JavaFX scripts.

 I also tried to get the associated source, but it doesn't look current.  It would be real helpful if you had a subversion or git url where the latest could be downloaded (and tested).  Is that possible?


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