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PODAM Draft release is available now

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The first draft of PODAM is ready. Currently the framework sets the initial state of a POJO with random values. The supported types are:

  • Primitive types
  • Wrapper classes
  • String
  • arrays of objects
  • arrays of primitives
  • Any other object which either has a no-arg constructor or a static factory which takes no arguments

Known limitations:

  • PODAM does not set the state of complex object graphs (In roadmap)
  • Custom annotations as defined in my previous article are yet not supported (in roadmap)
  • If a class does not expose a public, no-arg constructor, and it does not expose a public static factory which takes no arguments the attribute value is not set

You can download PODAM code from Jemos Repository

Search for PODAM and download either the sources JAR or the jar directly. 

PODAM runs under the MIT license.

Currently PODAM can fill the full state of the attached POJO (OneDimensionalTestPojo). Download OneDimensionalTestPojo

It would be nice to hear from you of any critics, suggestions, comments, issues.

From http://tedone.typepad.com/blog/2011/04/podam-journal-first-draft-implementation-is-ready.html


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