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Padlock License Manager for Java released

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Version 1.0 of the Padlock License Manager for Java allows developers to call the shots with how their Java based application or library is used.  Offer time or feature limited demos that can be upgraded to a full version by simply replacing a license file.  Simplify the build process by using the same build for Demo, Single, and Enterprise versions.

 Padlock features include:

  • Written in 100% Java
  • Support for unlimited number of feature keys
  • Easily embed additional information into license file
  • Uses industry standard RSA cryptography
  • Can be used to create time limited and feature limited demos
  • Comes with an excellent Swing based license manager tool
  • Comes with executable scripts and full API documentation for easy integration into your purchasing system

 Padlock's License Management Tool


Get more information and download a free trial at www.javalicensemanager.com

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