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Oracle Removes Licensing for Workshop Eclipse Plug-ins

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Oracle is delivering the Eclipse tools for Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3 with a simpler packaging (just one, with all features), and a new price (free!). This release of Workshop for WebLogic 10g R3 combines all the features of the other products.

To download the plug-ins, go to the Workshop for WebLogic 10g R3 download page on OTN.

To download the server, go to the WebLogic Server 10g R3 download page on OTN.

Oracle Workshop for WebLogic 10gR3

This release unifies all the previous packages, and removes all licensing features of any kind. Workshop for WebLogic will be freely available on all supported platforms, including websphere, weblogic, tomcat, jboss, jetty and resin. Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3 developers who use Eclipse will find updated Workshop plug-ins for developing Java/EE and JAX-WS web services that are bundled with the server. Some of the major highlights of this release include:

Support for new industry standards
  • IDE based on Eclipse 3.3 & WTP 2.0
  • Support for JDK 6
  • Windows Vista support
  • XMLBeans 2.3 support
New Web Services Support
  • JAX-WS tooling for WebLogic Server 10.3
  • Design/Build/Deploy Support
  • Start from Java or from WSDL
  • JAX-B support with new JAX-B Wizard
  • Create JAX-B types from schema
  • Generate ant snippets
  • New ClientGen Wizard
  • Create Web Service Clients from JAX-RPC & JAX-WS Web Services
  • Generate ClientGen ant snippets
  • Updated JAX-RPC support for WebLogic Server 10g R3
Support for EE5 Standards
  • New EE5 Project Creation
  • Create EE5 EAR and EJB Projects
  • Create Web Applications based on new standards
  • Servlet 2.5
  • Full support for new Servlet spec, including optional web.xml
  • JSP 2.1, JSF 1.2, JSTL 1.2
  • Updated wizards and tag support for new standards (SunRI and Apache myFaces)
  • WYSIWYG and AppXRay support for Universal Expression Language


New WebLogic Server Value Add
  • Support for new WebLogic Fast Swap (Java Class Redefinition)
  • Full Deploy/Debugging support for WLS 10.3
  • Continued backward compatibility for WLS 8.1, 9.2, 10.0
  • Remote Deployment that supports WLS 9.2, 10.0, and 10.3
  • New Editors and Wizards for WebLogic Server Deployment Descriptors
  • Application upgrade tools for older versions of WebLogic


About Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3

This release focuses on three enhancement areas that we believe will improve the developer experience for you if are an existing WebLogic Server developer, or that will attract you to WebLogic Server if you are not currently using the product. In addition, JDeveloper and ADF / TopLink runtime users will be supported on Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3, allowing ADF driven applications to extend farther into new supported platforms. Lightweight WebLogic Server
  • Download time and installation footprint
  • Application development round-trip time
  • Optional service startup
  • Console performance improvements
  • Startup and runtime performance
Programming Model and API Support
  • SOA Server-Web services/SCA support
  • Spring enhancements
  • Web 2.0 support (Cometd Bayeux based -- HTTP pub / sub)
Technology Integration and Standards
  • Java SE 6
  • C# JMS client for .NET integration
  • SAML 2.0
  • Web Services standards
  • ADF / TopLink support with 11g release
  • Eclipse support (see above)


Published at DZone with permission of its author, Pieter Humphrey.

(Note: Opinions expressed in this article and its replies are the opinions of their respective authors and not those of DZone, Inc.)


Zviki Cohen replied on Tue, 2008/08/12 - 5:37am

What about the tools from BEA Workshop (previously M7 NitroX)? 

Are these going to be free as well?

Any plans for Mac OS X support?

Pieter Humphrey replied on Tue, 2008/08/12 - 10:10am

the tools from M7 (nitrox) have been completely integrated into this tool as of the 10.1 release, so it's all free as in free beer.

We're doing some testing on MACOS, but not yet able to offer it as a "certified" platform.

 Most of the folks I know run parallels or some other such OS emulator and it seems to work out fine.


Dean Schulze replied on Tue, 2008/08/12 - 1:19pm

Pieter, It looks like the Flex Builder support is gone.  No big deal. Does Workshop for Weblogic 10gR3 support Eclipse 3.4 or does it have to be version 3.3.2? I'm glad to see it supports Linux this time! Dean 

Pieter Humphrey replied on Tue, 2008/08/12 - 1:31pm in response to: Dean Schulze

Yes, please forgive me I meant to be more explicit about the removal of the Flex Builder bundle.   That has been removed.   (that's what allows us to support Linux again!)

Eclipse 3.4 support for WebLogic Server 10gR3 will be coming in the Oracle Enterprise Eclipse Pack 1.0, which is going to be released *very* soon... watch the WTP newsgroups.

Andre Luiz Sousa replied on Tue, 2008/08/12 - 1:52pm

Good job !!!

Just one question: Does this version have the same features of "BEA WorkShop Studio"? I remember that "BEA WorkShop Studio" had excellent ORM tools support, like Hibernate reverse engeneering, class mapping editors, etc...



 Brasil - DF

Zviki Cohen replied on Tue, 2008/08/12 - 11:23pm in response to: Pieter Humphrey

If this is now free, maybe its' a good idea to provide it as an update-site, where people can download the plugins they want rather than one monolithic installation file.

OS X may be marginal in precentage, but we do make a lot of noise. Virtualization is not a good solution for the long run.

Pieter Humphrey replied on Tue, 2008/08/12 - 11:50pm in response to: Andre Luiz Sousa

scout23DF -- it does, yes.  All the features of BEA Workshop Studio are fully integrated into the Workshop 10gR3 product.  ORM with Kodo / EJB3 /  Hibernate, class mapping editors, entity editors, database tools, query editors, etc.  We've added some capability to generate a Spring DAO layer from any mapping as well.

Please vote on eclipseplugincentral.com for the product if you like it! 



Pieter Humphrey replied on Wed, 2008/08/13 - 12:01am in response to: Zviki Cohen

Zviki --

You likely know this already, but the installer does allow you to install as a plugin.

Since this is the last release of "Workshop" we're not planning on any updates, I don't believe we're going to do it as an update site.   Good suggestion though, I'll speak to product management about it.

We are definitely planning on an update site for Oracle Enterprise Eclipse Pack, which will be the go - forward Eclipse distribution from Oracle.

Regarding MACOS, it's simpy a funding thing, we've been trying for a long time to get machines to do the testing.  We may be able to address this in Oracle Enterprise Eclipse Pack, but at BEA with Workshop we could never get enough customers to stand up and say they wanted it to get management's attention.   Sadly.



Zviki Cohen replied on Wed, 2008/08/13 - 1:30am in response to: Pieter Humphrey


Thanks for the response.

The BEA branding implied two things: this product is designed to be used with BEA application servers and this is an expensive corporate-oriented product.  I still believe Workshop is one of the best Eclipse plug-ins out there and probably the best tool for Struts and JSF, regardless of the underlying platform. Thus, the first part was never true. Making the Workshop free nullifies the second issue as well.

This turns the Workshop into something else and opens the door for greater audience. I think this great product deserves a broader user base.

Pieter Humphrey replied on Wed, 2008/08/13 - 10:51am in response to: Zviki Cohen

Thanks Zviki!

There's some WebLogic - specific tools in there that you won't find anywhere else (Java EE libraries, Web Folder Mapping, enhanced debugging, Java 5 class redefinition support, remote deployment, etc) that make it the best tool for WebLogic developement, but you're right that it's multiplatform and is fully capable of portable server dev.

Now if only we can get AppXRay to support Javascript, and get a good Javascript debugger :)

 Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming!  I look forward to your thoughts as we start to have good releases of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.

Greg Stachnick replied on Thu, 2008/08/14 - 12:05pm

In addition to the Weblogic Server plugins, Workshop 10gR3 also includes additional server plugins for Tomcat, JBoss, Resin, Jetty, and Websphere. In the past these plugins were part of the paid offering of Workshop (Workshop Studio) but now have been made free as well.


Marky Goldstein replied on Fri, 2008/09/12 - 8:23am

I would love to see this tooling to be renamed from "Workshop for WebLogic 10g R3" to "Oracle Workshop Studio" and be positioned to work well with Oracle servers, but also with all standards based servers (JBoss, Tomcat, WebSphere, etc.). Back to the M7 philosophy (anti vendor lockin - or at least - open standards based). The name addition "for WebLogic" is confusing this. 

We would like to Oracle to position itself not as a vendor lock in company, but as an open standards based business application company that integrates well into many different environments, including different app servers. The tooling could keep its nice integration with Oracle app servers, etc.

Also we would like to see a stronger positioning from Oracle towards Eclipse. The current statement is not strong enough.

Also we would like to see Oracle check solutions such as Pulse for easier plugin and team management. This could easily be licensed and packaged. We need better team management and Pulse is doing this properly.

Tony Defusco replied on Mon, 2008/09/22 - 10:49am

Hello Pieter:

Thanks for the info.  I have a question for you. What are the differences between the Oracle Workshop Studio for WebLogic and the Oracle Eclipse Enterprise Pack offerings?  Does the Oracle Eclipse Enterprise Pack include the web folder mapping feature and the App XRay support?




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