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OpenXava 4m5: Rapid Development for Ajax Business Applications

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OpenXava is a productive way for creating business AJAX applications with Java. With OpenXava you only need to write domain classes (simple Java classes annotated with JPA) to get an application ready for production.

OpenXava 4m5 has been released just now. Download and try it.

In constrast to other frameworks, like Grails and Spring Roo, OpenXava DOES NOT GENERATE CODE, in this way, you write less code for the initial development, but also you have less code during all the application lifecycle. The code you write is the only code you have to touch.

This new milestone toward the version 4 has over 40 new features and fixes, among them:

  • The user can change page row count in list and collections.
  • Page navigation has a new look.
  • It's possible to see detail and list at the same time.
  • A new help link at module level, with text help in English, Spanish and Russian.

Look at the changelog for the complete list.

The OpenXava team invite you to download and try this new OpenXava version.

Also, you can have a look at the demos, or learn more visiting www.openxava.org.

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Raphael Miranda replied on Fri, 2010/07/30 - 7:46am

Actually, Grails supports both modes. You can generate the controllers and template code (generate-all) or you can use dynamic scaffolding(def scaffold = Domain). That way the changes made in the domain are automatically reflected in the CRUD. 


Javier Paniza replied on Mon, 2010/08/02 - 3:04am

Hi Raphael,
Grails supports both modes. You can ... use dynamic scaffolding
Yes. But just in your link you can read:

"The above scaffolding features are useful but in real world situations its likely that you will want to customize the logic and views."

So, the grails scaffolding is not conceived for "real world situations", but for prototyping or initial development. And this is a fundamental difference with OpenXava, whose resulting applications have a level of funtionality that make them ready for production.

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