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OpenFaces 2.0: Open New Possibilities for Your Web Applications

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Kharkiv, Ukraine
OpenFaces, a JSF library, evolves to version 2.0. The new release introduces 6 new components and updates to existing functionality, all Open Source.

Current JSF component libraries make an attractive alternative to a variety of web frameworks in development of web applications. The new OpenFaces 2.0 keeps up the tradition of putting the content to the web with the desired quality and look and feel. Tables, calendars, filters, graphic text – you name it…
The new release of the OpenFaces significantly extends the existing library functionality and brings in 6 new components. It's now possible to interactively build complex filter criteria using the new CompositeFilter component and layout components with the new LayeredPane component. The new functionality in the extended buttons, command link and checkbox components include Ajax support and advanced appearance customization.

Significant enhancements were made to DataTable and TreeTable functionality. These components were enriched with the functions like vertical and horizontal content scrolling with frozen header/footer rows and columns, interactive drag&drop column reordering and column visibility customization. Together with the revised API, numerous filtering extensions were made possible - customizing search condition, case sensitivity, placing filters inside or outside the table and many more.

The full list of components with the demo is available on the OpenFaces website The release notes with details on new functionality and fixes and are available on the OpenFaces help and support community and in What's New in OpenFaces 2.0 web document.

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Khalid Hasanov replied on Thu, 2010/04/01 - 5:03am

Is OpenFaces 2.0 is compatible with JSF2 spec?

Dmitry Pikhulya replied on Thu, 2010/04/01 - 7:54am in response to: Khalid Hasanov

Only JSF 1.2 is supported currently, but we're going to add JSF 2.0 support soon, see the OpenFaces roadmap.

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