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Free Open Source Test Workshop: Selenium, soapUI, TestMaker

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Los Angeles/Anaheim, San Francisco, Chicago, NY, and London

Free workshop to be held in Los Angeles/Anaheim, San Francisco, Chicago, NY, and London.

Software developers, QA testers, and IT managers are challenged to rapidly build and test Ajax, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA,) and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in a time when schedules are short, budgets are tight, standards are few, and much of this is new technology! Find out why AMD, Ford, and The Jackson Laboratory succeed with open source build and test software as a more affordable and flexible option to the traditional test vendors.

Learn how you can leverage open-source RIA application server technology from Appcelerator Appcelerator to rapidly build Ajax applications. Learn how you can leverage open-source testing tools (Selenium, soapUI,PushToTest, TestGen4Web, HTMLUnit) for functional testing, load and performance testing, and business service monitoring, with more flexibility than traditional solutions provide.

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Frank Cohen, the leading authority for testing and optimizing software developed with Web, SOA, AJAX and REST designs and implementations. and author of Fast SOA, and Andrew Oliver will lead the seminar.


  • Module 1: The why, what, and how of open-source build and test tools vs. traditional tools
  • Module 2: Building applications with Rich Internet Application technology without learning JavaScript
  • Module 3: Testing using record/playback and scripting tools
  • Module 4: Identifying and solving performance bottlenecks in Rich Internet Applications (Web 2.0 and Ajax)
  • Module 5: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) testing
  • Questions and Answers


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