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NextReports becomes an Open Source Project!

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Version 6.2 of NextReports is done. The big news is that NextReports is now open source and can be found on github . You can download, build and run engine, designer and server. Just follow the steps from the README files.

NextReports Engine can also be found on maven central repository:


As new things we can note the following:

  • Functions can also be inserted in header bands (not just in footers)
  • Cell formatting conditions allows to select an arbitrary expression to compare with
  • Possibility to add dialects by users through Java VM parameters. You can read more about this here .
  • Alert mail body can have template value ${val} replaced by the current value

To see all bug fixes, improvements and features just visit the release notes for designer  and server .


NextReports Site 

NextReports Blog

NextReports Git Repository
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