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NextReports 6.1 Released

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NextReports Suite  has reached version 6.1.

Users can now create a CSV data source to create queries, reports and charts on data inside text files.

A new layout element called 'Multiple Report' can be used to scale data horizontally. This is practically a sub-report that has a special sql query property which will return values for a column. "Multiple Report" element will be replaced inside layout with as many reports as values are inside the special query after execution. Report from "Multiple Report" must have a parameter with the same name as the column name from special sql query. Every value resulted from special query will be used as parameter value to a distinct Report. 

Inside designer, users can add their reports and charts to a Favorites menu.

NextReports Server has a new Data Migration section from where users can export / import data. This feature is very useful because an entire dashboard can be exported through a simple selection, meaning that all reports, charts, data sources used by it will be automatically saved.

Inside Link Dashboards widgets can have parameters per user.  If a dashboard is shared with READ and without WRITE permission, user will still be able to change widget settings. If settings are changed by user, those settings will be kept just for himself. In this way a shared dashboard to a number of users will allow everybody to keep their particular settings. If dashboard is shared with WRITE permission, functionality is as for owned dashboards: settings will be changed globally.

NextReports Server also offers new features for integration. Server can be embedded now in another application at section level (reports, charts, dashboards) . In previous versions users could embed only widgets. New integration settings will help for such task.


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