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NextReports 5.3 was released

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NextReports reporting suite has reached version 5.3.

NextReports Designer allows now to insert a report inside another report. For making a report to be considered a sub-report, NextReports Designer uses a simple convention: the column alias from parent report must be identical with the name of the parameter from sub-report.

NextReports Designer has also brought alot of new features for an easier user experience.

Instead of three perspectives (query, chart, report) in previous versions, now only two are present (query, layout). Layout perspective will show you whatever you want to create / open : a report or a chart.

Inner charts and inner reports can now be edited with a simple action from designer and user can return to parent report using a "back" toolbar button.

All user data  is now saved under user home and not inside install folder, making possible to have more users with different data on the same machine.


NextReports Server  has a new pivot widget which can be created from any report. You can see it live on the demo site.

pivot table

Server now offers the possibility to see the query both in information panel (for any report or chart entity) and in history runtime with values of parameters.




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