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NextReports 4.1 was released

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This version tries to add some improvements in the way NextReports Suite is used.

Inside report layout from designer, all cells are now, from start, empty text strings instead of 'null' elements. This means that formatting your report will be easier. In previous versions in order to format a row with 'null' elements,user has to insert new text elements to be able to change their settings. This step was unnecessary and it was removed by creating empty string cells both on 'New report' actions and on 'unmerge' cells actions.

Chart Layout was improved with more properties and pie animation.

Users also needed a history for selected colors when more reports / charts were designed one after another, and no template could be applied. So, our color chooser now has a special history for all colors created with any method (excel palette, swatches, HSB, RGB).

Parameters usage was improved to allow for hidden parameters inside other not-hidden parameters, even if they are not used inside the main query. This means data can be filtered using security (like __USER__ parameter) without appling the restrictions manually in your query, but through a dependent (chained) parameter.

On the server side, there is now the possibility of automatic login from other applications. Because , NextReports Server has a process which will synchronize all users and groups from one or more external applications,the automatic login is done through a Central Authentication Service.

Also, to allow for fast browsing response, this version uses a cache for all business entities.

In 4.1 users can also create drill-down chains for table reports. Similar to charts drill-down, user will link the reports through parameters. But in addition, the column position inside table for the parameter value must be specified.



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