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NextReports 4.0 was released

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NextReports 4.0 unifies engine, designer and server under the same major version.

New features were added:


  • new flat file export format (txt) with fixed column size in characters
  • support for other page formats like  LEGAL, LEDGER and TABLOID
  • export chart to image


  • column size defined in characters
  • insert charts inside reports
  • french internationalization
  • new chart property 'showValues' for Y axis used by image export
  • add new page (pdf, rtf) or new sheet (excel) on any row from layout bands
  • sql validation for query/report/chart to see if a column, table, view used inside sql were renamed or removed


  • generate Report History for reports run from web services
  • search entities after specific properties (search for alarm and table reports, search for drill down charts) 
  • search for invalid sqls for Next reports and charts
  • added nextserver.war file to site download page
  • add width and height as parameters for server widget iframe
  • profiles have a list of all the actions we want to hide for that profile
  • bulk modify profile for users



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