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New version of OtrosLogViewer has been just released.

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  • Loading logs from remote servers using ftp, sftp, ssh, samba and others (supported file systems)
  • Tailing logs from local drives and sftp
  • Decompressing "gziped" logs on the fly
  • Parsing custom log patterns
  • Searching log events using regular expressions
  • Log filters
  • Pluginable log filters
  • Log highlightings
  • Automatic log highlightings based on string match, regular expressions or custom Java code
  • Pluginable log details formatters and colorizers (i.e. SOAP message)
  • Pluginable log highlightings
  • Pluginable log parsers
  • Listening on a socket
  • Adding notes to log evens
  • Saving/loading log investigations (with added marks and notes)

Included parsers

  • Java Util Logging XMLFormatter
  • Java Util Logging SimpleFormatter?
  • log4j pattern layout (how to create your own)
  • log4j XMLLayout

Included filters

  • String
  • Regular expression
  • Level
  • Time
  • Highlighted
  • Class
  • Thread
  • Highlighted
  • With note, marked
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