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New Version of Oracle ADF Mobile - Java on iOS and Android

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Oracle today released version of their Oracle ADF Mobile framework.

The framework leverages a headless JVM to enable developers to build cross mobile device applications leveraging the Java language. The applications install and run on both iOS and Android devices.

The framework also offers a set of over 50 components that are used to define user-interfaces that render in HTML5 on the devices.

In addition the framework includes a controller layer, built-in security, encrypted SQLite database for local data storage, and device features (GPS, Camera, Contacts etc) integration.

New functionality in this release include:

Native notification supports - applications are able to register and recieve notifications directly to the device from servers.

Badging support - adds notification icons to the application's icons.

File viewing - enables easy viewing of various files using native viewers on the device

Application packaging -  for reusability and easier distribution by ISVs

Apache Cordova 2.2 integration - upgraded from PhoneGap

New device services SDK support

New UI components

To download of the framework and to learn more visit the Oracle ADF Mobile page on OTN .

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Gregory Ledenev replied on Tue, 2013/05/07 - 1:15pm


Thanks for the info. It's good to know that some kind of Java is finally on iOS. Unfortunately It's weird Java though :( and too late. It seems a few people would be interested in that kind of implementation. To me, good or at least acceptable implementations would be: 

1. Reuse existing skills and support WORA by:

- porting JME with LWUIT

- porting JSE with JavaFX

2. Build native apps leveraging power of Java language and core frameworks employing Cocoa to build frontend. There's Xamarin (aka MonoTouch) for C# and .Net so it would not be so problematic doing similar things in Java. And the army of developers will appreciate getting rid of "walking dead" Objective-C and ancient "Turbo Pascal 5 level" XCode.  

Shay Shmeltzer replied on Tue, 2013/05/07 - 2:19pm


As you indicated, there were other options of how to bring Java to the mobile space. We decided to leverage what we believe is the best combination of the strong Java features with the benefits of other technologies that are emerging (HTML5).

Java has always been known as a good language for writing business logic for cross platform implementation - and this is exactly what ADF Mobile leverage.

For portable mobile UI however, the market is trending towards HTML5 - and this is what we chose to use in ADF Mobile too. Although, beyond supporting hand-coded HTML5 - ADF Mobile gives you the possibility to create those HTML5 UIs using components in a way that is similar to the concepts used in Swing and JSF.

Java developers who are doing Web development will probably also like the fact that we use an MVC architecture and include a controller that is similar to what they are familiar with from JSF.

Sam Su replied on Wed, 2014/08/20 - 4:31am

Just got a notice Oracle recommends that new mobile application development will be done with the new Oracle Mobile Application Framework. Anyway the framwork was got pretty good testing result on ulefone smartphones device 

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