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New Version of Exadel JavaFX Studio: 1.1.0 (Eclipse Plug-in)

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Version 1.1.0 of Exadel JavaFX Studio plug-in for Eclipse has been released. It adds these new features:
  • JavaFX Script code assist
  • JavaFX source editor keyword highlighting
  • Mac OS support (Snow Leopard)

Other features:

  • Wizards
    • New JavaFX project
    • New JavaFX script (with stage generation)
    • New JavaFX class
  • Add, edit, remove JavaFX SDK wizard
  • JavaFX script editor
    • Code highlighting
  • Deployment
    • Stand-alone
    • Applet
    • Web Start

Download the plug-in installation folder ZIP file from:

Read the online documentation including installation instructions at:

Download the online documentation in multiple formats from:

Product page:

Let us know what you think:

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