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New Release of Oxygen XML Editor version 15.2

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New in oXygen XML Editor  15.2:

  • Editing Schematron Schemas
    • Improved Schematron Validation and Accurate Error Locations
    • Editing Schematron Modules in Master Files Context
    • Search and Refactoring Actions for Schematron Components
  • XML Visual Editing
    • Support for the CALS "colsep" and "rowsep" Attributes
    • Text Area Form Control
    • Content Completion Flexible Insert Location
  • CSS Support
    • Support for CSS Level 3 Structural Pseudo-classes
    • Support for the Experimental CSS Level 4 Subject Selector
    • Support for ":hover" and ":focus" CSS Pseudo-classes
  • XML Schema
    • Control the XML Schema Version at XML Schema Document Level
    • Flatten XML Schema
  • Text Mode
    • Refactoring Highlighted Content
  • CMS Integration and Connectivity
    • Accessing Microsoft Office 365 Documents
  • Eclipse Plugin
    • Master Files Support in the oXygen Eclipse Plugin
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