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NeuroKernel Community Edition Coming in March

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NeuroKernel Community Edition will be made available in March 2008. The community edition will be basically a personal developer edition with a single remote connection option. It will be a fully capable NeuroKernel Edition except the scalability. We will also provide a step by step quick tutorial to the developers on how to create a NeuroKernel application. 


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Artur Biesiadowski replied on Sat, 2008/02/16 - 5:20pm

Will Community edition be free? I suppose so, but you have not stated it clearly in your post.

Fully functional - does it mean that after creating application in it, you can deploy the same thing to full version without recompilation/code changes and it will work out of the box ? (barring any bugs you may fail to spot due to lack of concurrent access).


Kirill Grouchnikov replied on Sat, 2008/02/16 - 9:28pm

high performance, vastly scalable, embeddable, internet-centric client/server computing platform with a breakthrough adaptive runtime technology - for a moment i felt like a participant in a bingo game from the latest IBM commercial.

Rick Ross replied on Sun, 2008/02/17 - 12:07am in response to: Kirill Grouchnikov

Wow, that would be SO awesome to hand our "buzzword bingo" cards to everyone at some of the major conference keynotes. It would be a lot more fun, and easier to stay awake! Nice commercial! 

Artur Biesiadowski replied on Sun, 2008/02/17 - 6:24am in response to: Kirill Grouchnikov

If you will check out previous NeuroKernel post at http://java.dzone.com/announcements/neurokernel-offers-adaptive-cl, bingo keywords were even captialized for easier recognition :)

Despite the marketing talk, technology really looks interesting - give a try to the demo.

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