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UNA 1.1: Real-time Syntax Checking & More

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UNA 1.1 allows developers to create Live Tools, which are run in the background when documents are changed or saved. A new tool output option detects errors and warnings in tool output, and highlights the errors and warnings directly in the source code. When combined, these two features bring real-time syntax checking to dozens of languages and hundreds of command-line tools, including any tool conforming to the GNU error/warning message formatting guidelines.

A screen cast demonstrating these new features for the Java programming language may be found on Vimeo.

Here's a screenshot of UNA:

UNA 1.1 Screenshot

Another major feature of UNA 1.1 is preconfigured tools for dozens of languages, including C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, Scala, and many others. These tools showcase the power of the tools interface and can be customized by developers for greater flexibility.

Other features of UNA 1.1 include completely revamped syntax highlighting for Ruby, improved speed when interacting with Subversion repositories, and many other feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Concurrent with the release of UNA 1.1 is a new Java mixin for UNA, which extends UNA to offer rich support for Java application development, including tools to compile, debug, test, and analyze Java projects.

The single-user edition of UNA 1.1 is completely free and may be downloaded from The multi-user edition of UNA 1.1 is free for open source groups, while pricing for commercial use starts at $25 per user.

For more information, please visit the official N-BRAIN website.

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