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UNA Personal Edition Code Editor... Is Now Free

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N-BRAIN, Inc. today announced that UNA Personal Edition, a source code editor providing strong support for more than 20 languages, would be made freely available on its website (click to enlarge):

UNA Screenshot on Windows

The development environment, which is a standalone version of UNA Collaborative Edition, was previously priced at $100 per user.

UNA Personal Edition includes full support for standard features of source code editors, such as syntax highlighting, auto-complete, regular expression search and replace, and external tool integration. In addition, UNA has features not found in most editors, such as in-place incremental searching, seamless support for version control systems, instant searches across thousands of files, project management, structure views, object hierarchy views, go-to-declaration support, bookmarks, block editing, and much more.

"Today's complex applications increasingly span several or even a dozen languages," says John A. De Goes, president of N-BRAIN. "UNA Personal Edition allows developers to edit, compile, test, and execute files in any and all languages, and is a nice complement to heavyweight IDEs such as Eclipse and IntelliJ Idea."

Java specific support in UNA includes the ability to generate common constructs such as constructors, getters, and setters, and the ability to add import statements for classes.

For more information, or to freely download UNA Personal Edition, visit

una-screenshot-small.png122.55 KB
una-screenshot-400.png70.18 KB
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Hantsy Bai replied on Thu, 2008/06/05 - 4:57am

On fedora 9 , installation failed .

I got the following error:


Segmentation fault


John De Goes replied on Thu, 2008/06/05 - 10:59am

Hi Hansy, we'd be happy to help get you up and running. Send us an e-mail at support -at- n-brain -dot- net, and let us know the size of the file (in bytes) along with any other relevant information (memory, hard disk space, permissions on user account, etc.). Also you can always download the raw version which is a plain ZIP file (no installer), although you'll have to first install Java 1.5.12 before you can run UNA.

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