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mxGraph 1.0: Interactive Diagramming JavaScript Library

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Zurich, Switerzland

mxGraph 1.0 was released a few days ago, following many years of beta development . mxGraph is a pure JavaScript implementation for fully interactive diagramming functionality in any mainstream browser. mxGraph is aimed at developers involved in client-server systems, looking for a means to display and alter diagrams on web browsers, as well as simple integration with their existing server technologies. mxGraph can also run without a server connection, as can be seen on the demonstrations available on the web site.

The key technical advantages of mxGraph are:

  • Requires no plug-ins on the browser
  • Supports synchronization with most server technologies, aiming the library at centralised systems looking to switch their drawing technology from native applications to browser-based web applications.
  • Provides all interactivity in JavaScript, meaning no round-trip to the server to update the display.
  • Abstracts all of the browser drawing behaviour differences into a single, consistent API.

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