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Simon Durand06/28/13
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Last day for MeerCat giveaway on JavaRanch!

 Hello folks! The week is almost over and so is the MeerCat giveaway on JavaRanch! By asking a question or two in the Tomcat forums on the JavaRanch you have a chance to win a copy of MeerCat, the most accessible enterprise Tomcat solution! Visit...

Jan Moravec06/26/13
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QuartzDesk - Advanced Java Quartz Scheduler Management And Monitoring UI

Hi,I'm excited to announce the release of our QuartzDesk product. QuartzDesk is an advanced Java Quartz scheduler management and monitoring GUI / tool with many powerful and unique features. To name just a few:

Laurent Doguin06/26/13
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Nuxeo Platform 5.7.1 released

Nuxeo Platform 5.7.1 is out! This is the first Fast Track version, using the newly launched versioning system, with Fast Tracks on odd numbered releases and Long Term Support on even numbered releases. And it’s available for download right now!Key features...

Thierry Tremblay06/26/13
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Kohezion - Customizable Business Software

TGMT Systems Inc. is proud to present its fourth state-of-the-art product, Kohezion (  ).

Martin Kouba06/13/13
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Trimou: Yet Another Mustache Templates Implementation Written in Java

The basic question is: do we need yet another templating engine in Java ecosystem? There is a lot of successful tools out there. JSP, Facelets, Velocity, Freemarker, Closure Templates, and much more. I myself asked exactly the same question some time ago when...

Vladimir Djurovic06/13/13
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DEMUX Framework 0.5.0 released

 Version 0.5.0 brings improved integration with native desktop platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), as well as numerous bug fixes and enhancements. The most important additions to this release are:native launchers for WIndows, Mac OS X and...

Rahman Usta06/12/13
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Java EE 7 Presentation by Arun Gupta @ Istanbul Java Day 2013

Arun Gupta did a presentation about JEE 7  on Saturday 2 February 2013 at Istanbul Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus. Here is the presentation on YouTube,...

SyncRo Soft06/10/13
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Syncro Soft Announces New Release of Oxygen XML Editor version 15.0

oXygen XML Editor 15.0 streamlines the development of web services with major improvements to its WSDL editing support which now features intelligent search and refactoring actions, hierarchy and dependencies views, context-aware editing assistance and...

Vladimir Ikryanov06/07/13
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JxBrowser 4 Beta Released

JxBrowser's history is getting a new spin! The new major version 4 is based on Chromium engine, leaving behind the support of separate browsers for different platforms. The current Beta's focus is on Windows platform, while the other two (Mac and Linux) are...

Sheraz Khan06/03/13
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Aspose.Newsletter June 2013 Edition is Out Now

Aspose Newsletter for June 2013 has now been published that highlights all the newly supported features offered in the recent releases of its JasperReports exporters, SQL Server rendering extensions, .NET, Java & SharePoint components. This...

Vladimir Djurovic06/02/13
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DEMUX Framework 0.4.0 released

 Version 0.4.0 of DEMUX Framework is released. This released is focused on adding support for Android development and reusing modules between desktop and Android versions. Maven archetype for creating Android projects is available, and all project...

Ivan Kinash05/29/13
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Stringer Java Obfuscator 1.5.1 (Cervantes) Released

Our Developer Team is proud to announce the release of Stringer Java Obfuscator 1.5.1. This version was developed in close cooperation with our clients. The Integrity Protection function adapted to protect client-side Java applications from on-fly malicious...

Vladimir Djurovic05/22/13
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DEMUX Framework 0.3.1 released

 Latest version of DEMUX Framework (0.3.1) has just been released. It features numerous bugfixes and new features. The most notable change is that this is the first version available at Maven Central repository. Some of the new features in this...