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Reginald Stadlbauer06/26/08
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Squish 3.4: Automated Java and Web GUI Testing Tool

Today froglogic released version 3.4 of their automated GUI testing tool Squish. Squish supports testing applications based on the following technologies:Java Swing/AWTJava SWT/Eclipse RCPWeb/AjaxC++ QtScreenshot: 

Jason Weathersby06/25/08
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As part of the Eclipse Ganymede release BIRT 2.3 is now available and contains many enhancements and new features.

Alex Ruiz06/25/08
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FEST-Swing 1.0a3: GUI Testing Made Easy

FEST-Swing is an Open Source Java library, released under the Apache 2.0 license, that provides a fluent interface for functional Swing GUI testing. This library provides an easy-to-use API that makes creation and maintenance of GUI tests easy.

David B.06/25/08
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jPersist 3.2.7 and jWebApp 4.8.7: Simple Web and ORM Framework Alternatives

This release fixes a high profile problem that caused the following exception: jpersist.JPersistException: Column 'a.column' not found. at jpersist.Result.getColumnValue( using these open-source projects should upgrade to the latest...

David Qiao06/24/08
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JIDE 2.2.8: Synthetica Look and Feel

JIDE 2.2.8 has been released, providing full support for the Synthetica Look And Feel. Synthetica and JIDE

Fuqiang Zhao06/23/08
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JComponentPack 1.2.0

JComponentPack 1.2.0 has been released!

Nitin Bharti06/22/08
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Flexible Rails Refcard Available - Download Now

Peter Armstrong, author of Flexible Rails and Enterprise Flexible Rails, has put together an overview of Flex and Rails.

Dmitry Pikhulya06/20/08
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QuipuKit 1.5: New GraphicText Component, DataTable & TreeTable Improvements

TeamDev has released QuipuKit version 1.5, a commercial library of advanced JSF components. This version has been tested and is now compatible with the latest browser releases: Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and Opera 9.5.The main features of QuipuKit 1.5 release...

Maxim Zakharenkov06/19/08
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Swing Explorer 1.2 with Eclipse Plug-in

A new release of Swing Explorer is now available. For those who still do not know—it is a tool for developers facilitating the debugging of Swing applications.

Joseph Ottinger06/19/08
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Java Bayesian Classifier ci-bayes 1.0 released

ci-bayes, a project hosted on, has released its first stable version. ci-bayes allows the use of a classifier to determine what classification a given object might fall into, given prior training, and provides multiple classifiers, hooks for...

Wolfgang Zitzel...06/18/08
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Synthetica 2.7 Enterprise Look & Feel

JAVASOFT Software Engineering is pleased to announce a new Synthetica and SyntheticaAddons release. Please find the most relevant improvements below - a complete list of changes can be found here.   Major improvements

Huy Tran06/18/08
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ThinkUI SQL Client 1.0.7: Bug Fix Release

ThinkUI Software Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of ThinkUI SQL Client 1.0.7. About: The ThinkUI SQL Client is a graphical program that allows Java developers to browse a database structure, edit data in the tables, issue SQL queries, and...

Raphael Mudge06/16/08
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Sleep 2.1: Java Scripting Language

After 2 years of development, Sleep 2.1 is now released. Sleep is a Java-based scripting language heavily inspired by Perl. Features include first-class functions and continuations, a built-in debugger, taint mode security, and access to the Java class...

Sandra Wendland06/16/08
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RIA Sessions at Upcoming Jazoon Conference in Zurich

Canoo's Sibylle Peter and Dieter Holz will be presenting a very interesting session at Jazoon 08 ( ) on:5 frequently-encountered misunderstandings regarding Rich Internet Application development.

Schalk Neethling06/16/08
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Sun Tech Days jMaki Presentation slides and Sample code

Java technology evangelist Carol McDonald is one of the presenters you can see at this years Sun Tech Days series in Manilla. One of the topics she will be covering is jMaki, a very popular Ajax framework that can be used by anyone that is developing a...