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James Sugrue09/02/08
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it@cork Java Conference

Now a significant event on the annual tech calendar in Ireland, the java@cork conference attracts hundreds of developers every year. In response to it@cork members requests for more of the same, the event has been extended to a full day event on September 9....

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Converting Jasper Reports to PowerPoint PPT and PPS Formats

Aspose.Slides for JasperReports is an external exporter for JasperReports that allows you to convert your reports in PowerPoint presentation (PPT) and PowerPoint slideshow (PPS) formats in your java applications.

Maxim Zakharenkov08/27/08
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Swing Explorer 1.3: NetBeans Plugin & "Addition Trace" Feature

After quite a long summer delay I'm proud to announce a new version of Swing Explorer. Swing Explorer is a tool for debugging of Swing applications, researching their internal structure, event monitoring, catching problems with event dispatch thread and...

EG 08/27/08
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Jt - Java Pattern Oriented Framework (Jt 2.7)

Jt2.7 has been released. Jt is a pattern oriented framework for the rapid implementation of Java applications. Jt has been utilized in several large mission critical systems. Jt implements many well-known patterns including Data Access Objects (DAO), GoF...

Reginald Stadlbauer08/27/08
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Upcoming Webinar: Automated Java GUI Testing

froglogic's CEOs and founders will demonstrate the popular Squish for Java edition in a webinar in September. Squish for Java is an automated GUI testing tool for Java based Swing/AWT and SWT/Eclipse RCP applications. The live demonstration will cover test...

Jevgeni Kabanov08/26/08
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JavaRebel 1.2: Now With Full Spring Support

The latest stable release of the JavaRebel code reloading agent includes a plugin for Spring that reloads Spring configuration on-the-fly boosting development productivity even more. See the screencast and download JavaRebel and the plugin.

Allison Roberts08/26/08
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MyEclipse Blue Gives Websphere an AJAX Booster Shot

Genuitec announced today the immediate availability of the first milestone release of MyEclipse 7.0 Blue Edition. This release provides WebSphere developers with advanced Ajax tooling, enhanced reporting technologies and Eclipse 3.4 support, among other...

David Qiao08/26/08
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JIDE 2.3.0 and Mac OS X Icon Set

We are pleased to announce a new JIDE Icon Set for Mac OS X – another beautiful stock icon set for your Java/Swing applications that follows the Mac OS X icon design guideline. With the introduction of this icon set, we completed the basic icon set with 141...

Jacek Furmankiewicz08/25/08
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Java SwingBuilder 0.2 - solving all Swing pain points one at a time

I am happy to announce version 0.2 of the Java SwingBuilder. Very few major changes went into this release, which further indicates a stabilization of the code base. Most of the new features came directly from user...

Greg Ritchie08/25/08
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jLynx Persistence 1.6: Persistence for Small Projects and Quick Prototypes

jLynx Persistence has just been updated to Version 1.6.0.Designed to be simple to learn and use, this version renames the interface and implementation to the more intuitive names of DAO and DAOImpl. Also the List and JSON fetching methods were...

Jakob Jenkov08/25/08
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Butterfly DI Container 2.4.0

Butterfly Container is a Java dependency injection container. It is smaller (~100KB jar), yet more flexible and easier to use than Spring, Pico, and Guice (at least in the developers' opinion). Instead of XML, Butterfly Container is configured using a simple,...

Frank Cohen08/22/08
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TestMaker 5.2 and Selenium

We are building Selenium support into PushToTest TestMaker 5.2. The idea is to support Selenium IDE in Firefox for authoring and replay of tests in the browser. TestMaker will support Selenium RC to test Web applications across browser and operating...

Rauf Issa08/22/08
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JobServer 2.0: Java Job Scheduler and Workflow

Grand Logic is happy to announce the release of JobServer 2.0, an enterprise Java scheduler released with full SOA support. This is a major release of JobServer (JS) that delivers many new features and a brand new developer SDK. The developer SDK is an...