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Mike CI Announces Pricing Plans for Hosted Continuous Integration Services

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Targeted at Java Development teams, Mike enables your team to quickly and easily implement CI using our hosted service. We are pleased to announce that our commercial plans are now available! There are three options:

  • Solo plan, which costs $19 per month. This is, at it sounds, targeted at teams (of up to 5) working on a single project.
  • Multi, $49 per month, includes support for Maven builds and up to 5 projects/10 users
  • Plus, $99 per month, with the same build tool support as Multi but up to 20 projects/30 users

We provide a no-obligation, 30-day trial.You simply need to provide us with your company/project name and an email address. All payments will be securely handled via PayPal should you subsequently wish to sign-up with us.

Please take a look at our pricing page for full details.

 Mike: smart services for smart developers

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