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MiG Calendar v6.6 Released

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MiG InfoCom is proud to announce the release of MiG Calendar 6.6, a component that can be used in your application to visualize activities/events on a time line. Target applications includes calendaring applications, visualizing resource allocations, TV-schedules and flight time allocations such as our own Military Flight Time handling system “Wing”.

You can launch the iCal demo application via WebStart by pressing here:


Click on image to show a larger version

To see a complete list of what's new and enhanced please go to our news page

You can see a video demo on how easy it is to configure the component here. It shows how to set the properties to make the component look like iCal by Apple.

At the product site, which is brand new, you can:

  • Download a fully functional evaluation of the component
  • Look at the PDF user guides
  • Download a demo application or run it via sand boxed WebStart
  • Add yourself to our mail list to get notified of new releases
  • Browse the online API JavaDoc
  • Post questions and comments in our support forums

MiG Calendar Team
MiG InfoCom

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