Mik Arber is a software architect and a HMI expert for one of the largest European defence company. He works on near-real time software and systems architectures. He had experience on Electronic warfare, Martime patrol, Intelligence and air traffic management systems. He also uses his graphical knowledge to create highly responsive and interactive HMI, which display high amount of data at high frequencies. He has 17 years of software professional experience, during he worked in Internet domain for Ericsson and in industrial sector for Alstom. He created the open source project C³ : "http://c3.capcaval.org" and laFabrique : "http://lafabrique.capcaval.org". He is one of the two FinistJUG founder, look at "http://finistjug.fr". During his spare time, he loves drawing cartoons and creating illustrations. As a complement to graphical art, he enjoys a lot photography. Some of his digital work can be seen, on his blog, at "http://miksblog.capcaval.org" and for french reader "http://100pcpc.com". Mik has posted 2 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile


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 laFabrique is a Java application factory. This is the first public release 0.0.3. It provides the ability to :

  • create and compile project,
  • pack application in jar or zip,
  • simply launch your application on Linux and on Windows OS,
  • handle application properties and parameters in a simple manner,
  • provide to your application user an automatic documentation and an ASCII logo.

All these features are easy to use as it is mainly done with descriptive Java code. This is an advantage because it can be used inside any Java Tools such as Eclipse IDE.

In conclusion, laFabrique is a kind of ANT or Gradle but in 100% pure Java. It also comes with an architecture aspect within the whole CapCaval architecture.

It is available at http://lafabrique.capcaval.org
The bigger project http://capcaval.org

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