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KonaKart v2.2.6.0 Free Java Shopping Cart

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DS Data Systems UK Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of KonaKart v2.2.6.0, a free java based shopping cart application with easy to use java APIs and a SOAP Web Service interface.

The complete package can be downloaded from It includes a friendly installer, some source code under the GNU LGPL license, and support for multiple database vendors. Our standard store front application uses JSPs and the Struts framework although we also supply a demonstration written using OpenLaszlo technology which uses the same APIs. The administration application is written using Google GWT and so provides a snappy, productive UI with all of the benefits of a browser based application.

Javadoc and WSDL is provided for the APIs to enable you to develop a storefront or admin app in your favourite technology. A Google group ( ) exists for this, although it really needs a leader to get the ball rolling, so if you are interested please sign up.

The most significant new features of the release are as follows:

  • A customization framework that allows all API calls to be easily intercepted for adding proprietary features. The Admin App now also includes a number of custom panels to be used for seamlessly adding personalized functionality.
  • Support for Product bundling which is a marketing strategy that involves offering several products for sale as one combined product. Using the KonaKart Admin App, the quantity of the bundle is calculated automatically and tools are provided to calculate the cost, and the weight.
  • Product tags and tag groups are used to refine product searches. Tag groups can be linked to a category in order to display them in a context sensitive manner. For example, a Movie Rating tag group could be linked to a DVD category, to search for DVDs based on their ratings.
  • The KonaKart eCommerce application has been enhanced to allow customers to repeat orders with a single click and to display shipping and promotion information without having to register or login.

Full details of the new features can be found at .

You can view a demo of KonaKart on the KonaKart web site at and more information can be found at .

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Jack Lawson replied on Wed, 2008/10/22 - 3:00am

Nice to see a JAVA based shopping cart after so long. Hopefully it should resolve certain apache based flaws that php/mysql based ecommerce shopping cart softwares had to handle from the beginning. Moreover the biggest plus point in Konkart is that it is available free of cost under the GNU License which will surely lay the way for more developers & agencies joining and contributing to the further development and enhancement of the project.

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