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Knappsack Java EE 6 Maven Archetypes Released

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FlutterCode has released Knappsack, a set of Java EE 6 Maven Archetypes to help developers get started on their Java EE 6 projects and also to learn more about the features of Java EE 6 and how they integrate together.

Of the archetypes included, two are empty projects with one being completely empty. There is a Sandbox project which contains a simple model with sample data to play around and experiment with. Extending that is the sandbox-demo archetype which produces a full CRUD application out of the box using only the core features of Java EE 6. This lets developers see a project written with the different pieces of Java EE 6 and how they all integrate together. It also demonstrates a number of new feaures in Java EE 6 such as :

  • Conversations (including persistence)
  • JSF Page Parameters
  • Bookmarkable URLs
  • Ajax with JSF 2.0
  • Dependency Injection with CDI
  • CDI Events
 Archetype Name Description
 jee6-basic Empty application with just a bean that returns a message to a JSF page
 jee6-minimal Empty application with just a bean that returns a message to a JSF page
 jee6-sandbox Includes a sample page to test JPA, JSF and validation
 jee6-sandbox-demo A working CRUD application project that shows off features of Java EE 6
The sandbox and demo archetypes will also be used extensively in tutorials by FlutterCode as a starting point for the example. This lets readers tag along with the tutorial without having to create a new project with all the boilerplate configuration, data model and test data from scratch. An example of this can be seen in this tutorial on user selectable themes in JSF.

For more details, head over to the Knappsack project page, or download Knappsack now.

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