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JSFToolbox 3.0 for Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Now Available

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The JSFToolbox team is pleased to announce that JSFToolbox 3.0 for Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 was released and now supports ICEfaces and Trinidad components. JSFToolbox is a suite of JavaServer Faces design and coding extensions for Dreamweaver. This release also includes support for Mac OS X and features better performance and stability.

JSFToolbox also supports Facelets, JBoss Seam, Apache MyFaces Tomahawk, and standard JSF, so users can now choose from over 300 different UI components while developing with JavaServer Faces in Dreamweaver.

JSFToolbox extends the Dreamweaver design-time experience to JSF, including features such as managed bean code hints, message bundle support, live view, syntax auto-complete, drag-and-drop toolbars, visual tags, property inspectors, context-sensitive help, validation reports, and more.

To learn more about the JSFToolbox suite and how Dreamweaver can be used effectively for JSF design and development, please check out our podcast from the JSFOne conference.
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