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JProfiler 8.0 by ej-technologies

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JProfiler 8.0 is now available and introduces a number of significant new features:

  • Remote tracking allows you to follow calls from one profiled JVM to another. RMI, web services and remote EJBs are supported.
  • NoSQL and big data probes have been added: Bottlenecks in MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase can now be analyzed with JProfiler. 
  • A class loader probe has been added that includes a cross-link into the heap walker. Solving class-loader memory leaks is now much easier than before. 
  • Recording profiles allow you to switch on several recording types with a single click. 
  • A number of heap walker improvements have been implemented that focus on retained objects and retained sizes. 
  • JProfiler can now read PHD snapshots that are produced by IBM JVMs. 
  • Profiling Java 8 is now fully supported

See the What's new page  for a detailed presentation of all new features.

A fully functional evaluation of JProfiler is available for download  (no registration required).

Comments and feedback are welcome!

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