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jPersist 3.2.7 and jWebApp 4.8.7: Simple Web and ORM Framework Alternatives

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This release fixes a high profile problem that caused the following exception:

jpersist.JPersistException: Column 'a.column' not found.  
at jpersist.Result.getColumnValue(Result.java:1282)

Everyone using these open-source projects should upgrade to the latest version.


Getting Started

jWebApp and jPersist provide a simple alternative to other Java frameworks and RAILs, but don't let the following fool you, there is a ton of functionality provided with jWebApp and jPersist.

jWebApp and jPersist make web development as easy as defining a simple Java class:

    public class Customer extends RequestHandler
public String processGetCustomer(ServerInterface serverInterface)
String customerId = serverInterface.getParameter(“customerId”);
Customer customer = jpersist.loadObject(new Customer(customerId));

serverInterface.setAttribute("customer", customer);

return "/WEB-INF/customer.jsp";

...and creating a view with plain HTML and your favorite template markup (JSP, Velocity, etc):

    <div align="center">
<h3>Customer ${customer.firstName}, ${customer.lastName}</h3>

...and then calling:


The following servlet configuration is all that is needed:



That's it! No other XML, annotation, or configuration is needed!

Is there an easier way?

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Thomas Mueller replied on Wed, 2008/06/25 - 5:49am

There are many new persistence APIs coming up lately. I think that's great! I am trying to write a Java version of DLINQ. Example:
Customer c = new Customer();
List<Customer> waCustomers =
See also other code samples

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