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JIDE 2.2.8: Synthetica Look and Feel

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JIDE 2.2.8 has been released, providing full support for the Synthetica Look And Feel.

Synthetica and JIDE

JIDE Software and JAVASOFT Software Engineering are glad to announce the support between JIDE and Synthetica product lines. JIDE is one of the most popular open source and commercial Swing component libraries. Thousands of companies are building their Swing applications on top of the frameworks and components provided by JIDE. Synthetica is a popular, customizable, enterprise look and feel. In past several months, developers from the both companies worked very hard together to make it possible to use JIDE components under Synthetica L&F. With the latest releases, all custom JIDE components will automatically get a nice style that is compatible with the style of the currently selected Synthetica theme. No extra code is need as long as you add syntheticaAddons.jar and jide-synthetica.jar to your class path, set the L&F to Synthetica and install JIDE extension just like before.

Please visit JIDE download page and Synthetica download page to download the latest JIDE and Synthetica (v2.7.2 and later) / SyntheticaAddons (0.9.7 and later) and give it a try yourself.

You can find some nice screenshots of our demos under various Synthetica themes from here.

TitledSeparator, JideSplitPane and FolderChooser

There are also a couple new components and features in recent releases. TitledSeparator is a new component which can has a title text and a separator. It can be used to group the components inside a container. We created PartialEtchedBorder along with TitledBorder for this purpose but you have to use it as a border. TitledSeparator is a component that can be added to any container. So you can decide which one is better in your case. The one touch button feature is added to JideSplitPane, a multi-split split pane. Many users asked for this feature and we finally got a chance to add it in this time. We also added a navigation field with IntelliHint support in FolderChooser. So instead of navigating through the tree to find a folder, you can also type in the folder and press ENTER to accept it without expanding the folder tree.

JIDE Software, Inc.
We make you love being a Swing developer!


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Collin Fagan replied on Mon, 2008/06/30 - 4:44pm

Very cool. Do you guys have suppor for Nimbus yet?

David Qiao replied on Mon, 2008/06/30 - 5:03pm


Right now we only made sure there is no exception when using nimbus along with jide. It took more time when we originally expected as we found out that nimbus is quite different from any other L&Fs out there in many ways.


Parma Jia replied on Tue, 2009/12/29 - 8:12am

where can i download jide-synthetica.jar?thanks

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