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JDO 2.2

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Apache JDO release latest revision of the Java Data Objects specification, API and TCK

JDO 2.2 has been released by Apache JDO. The API jar and most recent draft of the spec are now ready for download (the official spec will be available when the JCP add it to the page for JSR0243).

Java DataObjects (JDO) provides standardised persistence for Java objects allowing persistence to a full range of datastores (RDBMS, ODBMS, XML, LDAP, etc). JDO2.2 is a revision to the JDO2 specification providing :-

  • Support for specification of the transaction isolation level
  • Dynamic Fetch Groups (via API)
  • Ability to specify a datastore as "read-only" so preventing any writes
  • Support for choosing which classes/fields are put in the L2 cache

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0 is the "reference implementation" for JDO2.2. This release of the JDO spec is likely the last one that will support JDK1.3/1.4.

JDO2.3 is open to discussion and interested parties should contact Apache JDO if they have any particular requirements

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Peter Karussell replied on Wed, 2008/11/05 - 3:59pm

Great news! Congratulation!

For those who don't know (only other words as used in the article ;-)):
datanucleus is a layer between your application and your data. A really nice layer! Because the data can be stored in relational databases, obj. oriented dbs like db4o or neo datis. And even xml or excel based storage is supported! (Warning: read the limitations.)

Now its time for me to convince the people at my company :-)

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