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Javeleon 3.0 with Java EE support is out

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We are proud to announce the best version ever of the class reloader Javeleon. In case you have missed the mentioning about Javeleon, let us tell you that Javeleon is a product that let’s you see changes to your Java code instantly in a running application without any redeploys involved. Javeleon support any change to your code, including changes to implemented interfaces and the super class. We have even more unique features that you can check out at:


In short, finally full class reloading support has come to Java. Enjoy it! Version 3.0 includes a number of great new features. Most notable is the addition of support for three different Java EE servers and/or servlet containers, namely JBoss (7.1.1), Tomcat 7.x, 6.x and Jetty 8.x, 7.x.

With the 3.0 release, we have begun our quest to support changes to all kinds of resources and web frameworks starting with Spring MVC, Hibernate bean validation, RestEasy. We support many kinds of changes to annotations such as @Controller, @Autowired, @Requestmapping, @PersistenceContext, some custom annotations (e.g. sub annotations of @Controller) etc.

Please try out the new version to see how much productivity is gained by using Javeleon. Beware; once you’ve tried Javeleon 3.0 you’ll not be able to live without it. Try it out at http://javeleon.com

Note: you can hear more about Javeleon at JavaOne at the following sessions:

BOF4920 - Runtime Class Reloading for Dummies

Monday, Oct 1, 6:30 PM - 7:15 PM - Hilton San Francisco - Continental Ballroom 5

CON3160 - Dynamic Class Reloading in the Wild with Javeleon

Wednesday, Oct 3, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Hilton San Francison - Continental Ballroom 4

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