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Javate 0.7 - The domain driven design framework with enhanced Spring support

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JavATE is a set of open source Java libraries that enables application development inspired by domain driven design.

 When I fisrt tried Domain Driven Design I was stuck on how to implement the basic building blocks like repositories and specifications. I spent a lot of time on these things instead of thinking about:

- which are the right entities of my model?

- how are these entities linked together?

- which are the aggregates and how they relate to each other?

JavATE resolve this problem implementing the building blocks for you so you are free to respond to the above questions instead of spend a lot of time implementing the building blocks.

In JavATE 0.6 was introduced Spring support. Now in JavATE 0.7 this support has been enhanced so, if you want, you can configure all the aspects of the framework using Spring.

Other major new features of JavATE 0.7 include:

* Multi-attribute sorting
* Numeric Range
* Enhanced time interval formatting

A complete description of these and other new features can be found here

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Richard Kennard replied on Thu, 2011/03/24 - 12:02am


Congratulations with your release!

On your site you say "JavATE is not a web-framework itself because it is based on existing frameworks... [also] it is based on existing ORM technologies... GuidATE has the responsibility to bind the user interface to the application layer. At this moment only a ZK implementation is under active development but there are plans for Swing and GWT implementations".

May I humbly suggest you may find Metawidget useful for this purpose? Metawidget has a smaller scope than JavATE. It is an 'OIM', only generating 'pieces' of front ends and is easily pluggable so you could drive it using JavATE. Once you've hooked it in, you would get pieces of front ends for Swing, GWT, Android and many others (though unfortunately not ZK yet) for 'free'.

If you get chance to try it, I'd be most interested to hear what you think.



Andrea Mattioli replied on Thu, 2011/03/24 - 3:42am in response to: Richard Kennard

Hi Richard

Sure. I'll give it a try and I'll let you know if it is suitable for JavATE.

I hope it is because it can simplify my work a lot


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