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Java Swing Components releases new Rater component.

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Java Swing Components is proud to announce the release of our rater component.


Some of the calendar's key features include:

User Recognition
Users instantly recognize and understand how to use the rater due to its intuitive design and mouse over feedback.

Fully internationalizable by supporting both 'left to right' and 'right to left' animation and rating capture.

Any shape
The rater is not all about stars, the rater will render any shape you want.

The use of painters to fill both the selected (filled) and unselected (empty) areas of the star gives your developers the freedom to make the rater look good in any application.

The rater is not bound to capturing only full stars, you can capture any fraction you wish.

Drop Shadow
Drawing a drop shadow beneath your stars gives the rater depth and impresses users.

Fluid Animation
The fluid animation of the rating is a pleasure to behold and gives the rater that little something extra

Easily Customized
The inherent flexibility of the rater ensures it is an absolute breeze to customize.

A webstart demo as well as additional information is available here

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