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JAU (Java Annotation Based Utilities) 1.0

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JAU 1.0 is ready for download from the project site: http://code.google.com/p/jau/.

The library will help you to implement common methods like .equals() or .hashCode() using annotations.


As promised in my last post, I did some performance analysis and here are results for toString() on this "real life" class (lower bar is better). The full performance report is here.

JAU toString() performance on a

As expected, manually implemented methods are faster than JAU (which uses reflection).

  • for "small" field types (byte, int, float) performance of equals()/hashCode() implemented with JAU depends heavily on the number of fields and is much worse than in manually implemented methods
  • for an object with one String field the value of the field must be of length 500 or higher for JAU overhead to become neglectable
  • toString() performance of JAU is really good even for classes with many small fields
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