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Japplis Website Optimizer 1.0

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Japplis has released Japplis Website Optimizer 1.0.

Japplis Website Optimizer is a software utility that reduces the size of your HTML pages, JavaScript and CSS. Several techniques are used to reduce these files to more than 50 %, resulting in a faster website and less bandwidth usage.

Japplis Website Optimizer can also add the height, width and alt attribute to the images if missing. It can also generate a .htaccess file to improve the caching of the website Apache Server.

Japplis Website Optimizer can run as Applet and be deployed on an Intranet.



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Slava Imeshev replied on Tue, 2009/01/13 - 2:04pm



Great job! Does Japplis run from the command line?



Slava Imeshev



Anthony Goubard replied on Wed, 2009/01/14 - 4:29am in response to: Slava Imeshev

Hi Slava,

 No, not at the moment but it's planned as I've separated the user interface to the optimize process. I'm also planning an Ant task.


Slava Imeshev replied on Wed, 2009/01/14 - 4:40am

That would be a good idea. Most of the modern build processes are unattented...



tia meg replied on Tue, 2009/04/07 - 6:44pm

Would this work on a wordpress blog thats used as a CMS?

Would it have any negative affect in SEO terms that you know off?


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