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Japplis Toolbox 3.0. Free Text Utilities

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I've just release Japplis Toolbox 3.0.

 This new release adds ROT13, ROT47 and java unicode encoding and decoding. There is also a new tab that help to find lines or files that contains a specific regular expression (included gz compressed files).

Here is what Japplis Toolbox can do:

  • URL encoding and decoding
  • Base64 encoding and decoding
  • Hex encoding and decoding
  • ROT13, ROT47 encoding and decoding
  • java unicode encoding and decoding
  • Convertion of numbers in hexadecimal and binary
  • Sort lines, Reverse lines, Shuffle lines, Number lines, Delete duplicate lines, Trim spaces, Remove empty lines, Delete 1 out of 2 lines
  • Extract words
  • Join lines
  • Add text before or after each lines (Prefix or Suffix)
  • Keep / remove / find regular expressions
  • Convert long to date, long to date
  • Text info: character count, word count, line count, MD5, SHA, Hash code
  • XML Validate
  • Get Java system properties, Swing UI defaults, Environment properties
  • List the characters with the defined font and charset encoding
  • Extract lines based on regular expression from files
There is a version that works as plug-in for Netbeans 7.2. 


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