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Inforama Document Automator 1.0

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Inforama, a new Open Source document generation and automation project has been released.

Inforama, allows businesses to create personalised letters and application forms using database information which get generated into PDFs at runtime. These PDFs can be automatically emailed, printed or returned to the client.

 The Inforama Studio Application

With Inforama you can...

    - Create letters with embedded customer and parameter information
    - Import PDF Acrobat Forms and bind data to the Acrobat Fields
    - Create PDF Acrobat Forms from OpenOffice documents
    - Create or import company letter heads which get merged with letters
    - Create document packs which are generated in a single call
    - Barcode documents for integration when they return to the office
    - Call Groovy scripts to carry out complex formatting
    - Extend via a powerful Java API

Inforama is hosted on SourceForge at
More information on Inforama can be found at

For a quick introduction to Inforama have a look at the webcasts at

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