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ICEfaces 1.8RC1, JSF 2.0, and Maven

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ICEfaces 1.8 is nearly here: ICEfaces 1.8RC1 is now available, awaiting your feedback just prior to the final release. Some of the new features include: Excel data export, Date and Time entry (full spacetime input will be available in the future), and improved clustering. We've also added support for maven (more details to follow on how to configure this).

Additionally, you can now begin to experiment with JSF 2.0. Here's how:

  • Download the ICEfaces 1.8RC1 source bundle.
  • Download GlassFish v3 Prelude.
  • Update GlassFish to JSF 2.0.0-9 in the GlassFish Administation Console Update Tool on port 4848.
  • Copy glassfish/modules/jsf-api.jar and glassfish/modules/web/jsf-impl.jar to icefaces/lib/ext/jsf-api-2.0.jar and icefaces/lib/ext/jsf-impl-2.0.jar respectively.
  • Build ICEfaces against JSF 2.0 with "ant" in "icefaces" (I take no responsibility for any strange runtime exceptions you might see if you don't build against the JSF 2.0 .jars)
  • Build auctionMonitor.war in icefaces/samples/auctionMonitor with "ant glassfishv2" (Yes, we should rename this target to "glassfish")
  • Copy dist/auctionMonitor.war to glassfishv3-prelude/glassfish/domains/domain1/autodeploy
  • Enjoy.


So does this mean that ICEfaces support for JSF 2.0 is done?

Not at all; JSF 2.0 is designed explicitly with Ajax in mind, significantly simplifying the integration points used by ICEfaces 2.0 (the 1.8 release described above does not invoke the new APIs). Developers will benefit from the new scopes and Facelet component development. Of course, ICEfaces 2.0 will retain the simple page design (no need to specify Ajax events or update regions) and Ajax Push capabilities that distinguish it now, and the component library will continue to grow.

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