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ICEfaces 1.8.2 Released

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ICEfaces 1.8.2 is now available for download.

Changes include:

•  All-new support for "cookieless" mode operation for synchronous ICEfaces applications (deployed to browsers with cookies disabled).
•  Enhanced keyboard navigation for the menuBar, menuPopup, panelCollapsible, panelTabSet, and tree components.
•  The panelTab component now supports an optional label facet for defining arbitrarily complex labels.
•  Enhanced dataExporter: define which columns & rows to export, seamless operation with dataPaginator, portlet support, and improved robustness.
•  Improved panelTooltip: smarter positioning, mouse tracking, and customizable display event triggers (hover, click, etc.).
•  Support for nested modal panelPopups.
•  The inputFile component  now supports optional "autoUpload" mode.
•  The graphicImage component now supports all ICEfaces Resource APIs for specifying image resources.
•  The outputResource component now has improved special character support for resource file-names.
•  Rendering performance optimizations have been made to the dataTable, panelGroup, panelSeries, and menuBar components.
•  Updated Component Showcase sample application illustrating new component capabilities.

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