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Help Shape the Future.. Welcome to the WebSphere eXtreme Scale 7.1 Beta

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Help Shape the Future.. Welcome to the WebSphere eXtreme Scale 7.1 Beta

The WebSphere eXtreme Scale Product Team is happy to announce the release of the beta for eXtreme Scale v7.1. This is the first ever open beta for an eXtreme Scale version, and we hope to leverage the broad exposure of an open beta to both excite you about the new features and direction of our product as well as provide feedback and questions which will help us further refine the product and our direction to suit the needs of our customers.

eXtreme Scale v7.1 furthers our strategic vision for one of the industry's premier Elastic Data Grid products while solidifying the foundation we've built with new levels of performance and reliability.

Broadened market applicability:
  • More robust support for cross data-center replication usage scenarios, using multi-master replication to propagate the data modifications made by each member to the rest of the group.
  • Windows/.NET support through ADO.Net/ WCF Data Services V1.0 specification support

Improved reporting and monitoring:
  • New monitoring console which can provide real time views into the WebSphere eXtreme Scale data grid
  • New WebSphere Application Server Console extensions which can provide improved integration with WebSphere eXtreme Scale
  • Administrator options to include grid queries in tracking the source of SQL requests to IBM DB2 via support for DB2 Performance Monitor
  • Statistics enhancements for monitoring and better integration with OEM monitoring consoles
Enhanced foundational capabilities:
  • Infrastructure improvements to accelerate performance and optimize resource usage

Our Open Beta Forum is intended to be your connection to the product team and serve as a medium for discussion as well as support as you explore the new features and capabilities we've provided. We have the full force of the development and architecture teams involved and will be able to engage fully in the process of broadening and strengthening the final product, as well as shape future devlelopment goals and directions.

Feel free to get in touch with us and let us know to good, the bad, and the confusing. We're here to help.
Regards, Rob Wisniewski

WebSphere eXtreme Scale Open Beta Virtual Conference on May 11, 2010 10AM EST & 5PM EST
- Same Live Session repeated to accommodate diverse timezones
This session will give you an opportunity to interact directly with Robert Wisnieski (WebSphere Technical Evangelist for WebSphere eXtreme Scale).
You will learn more about the Open Beta, understand the full capabilities provided, see demos of these features, and provide feedback. Join us in this incredible experience and informative session on how the Open Beta may uniquely benefits our customers/partners.

30-40min - Presentation
- XS 7.1 Overview - What's New!
- Demo/Article overview - what have we provided as a guided tour.
- What we're hoping they'll gain from the beta.
- What type of feedback are we looking for

20min - Q&A
- Establish the gaps in our current collateral/strategies
- Feed these gaps/questions into the demo/article refresh
- Set the stage for feedback/questionnaire content

How to Participate:
This session will be offered as part of the WebSphere Customer Experience Program (CEP). Once you are a member of our CEP, you will receive an invitation to this session. Please read below on how to join the CEP.
The WebSphere CEP is a program that facilitates getting our WebSphere teams in touch with their number one resource, our clients, giving you the opportunity to interface with our development community. After signing up, you will receive periodic, tailored invitations from WebSphere teams who are organizing feedback sessions. Upon receiving an invitation, you decide at that time whether you are able to participate in that particular session. Regardless of your ability to participate in a given session, you remain a point of contact for future invitations, so long as you remain in the CEP.
There are a number of feedback activities the CEP can offer (e.g. early design sessions, scenario and usage sessions, usability evaluations, interviews, validation sessions, etc.). Because the CEP is brand-wide, you may get invitations from any WebSphere product / initiative based on your interests. The program is highly flexible as well. Sessions may be run in-person, via teleconference, or web conference, and is not restricted by geography!
The Client Experience Program has a one-click agreement which allows us to share early design information with you and allows us to use your suggestions - it is brand-wide across all WebSphere products. This on-line agreement is easy to review and click to agree. If you would like to join the CEP, it allows you to receive invitations to future activities like these demos as well.

How to sign up:
Simply email cep@us.ibm.com requesting to join. By return, you will receive a confirmation with a few questions about you and your interests. After that, you will start to receive regular invitations to our live demos.

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