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Happy summer holidays

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The time of the year has come for me to go on holidays. For two weeks, no technology watching, no tech post reading, no blogging, no coding and most important of all, no computer at all.

If you belong to the group of people who already spent their holidays – or even worse, to those who do not have vacations, rejoice (or not)! Not only will I think about you, but when I go back, I’ll bring with me more Vaadin sweetness:

  • On September 11th, I’ll be leading a Vaadin 7 workshop under the Duchess Swiss banner. Bring your laptop and discover not only Vaadin but easy server-push. If you cannot attend, there’s a Github project just for that.
  • October 26th will see the 3rd edition of Soft Shake, “cocktail of computer backgrounds”. There, I will be presenting Vaadin 7 Extension Points.

Come meet me at these two events, let’s talk about Vaadin and make the world a better place!

And if it’s not enough, somewhen in September, the new version of Learning Vaadin updated for Vaadin 7 will be released. Get it now before it’s live, and benefit from huge savings! Afterwards, it will be too late…

Happy holidays!

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