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GridGain 2.0 Released - Fastest Growing Java Grid Computing Project

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GridGain Systems announces GridGain 2.0, the next major version of open source Java grid computing framework. GridGain 2.0 provides the industry only open-source grid computing infrastructure that combines powerful and elegant simplicity, clear focus on Enterprise Java and industry leading features.

Since its first release in August of 2007 GridGain became the fastest growing Java grid computing project with over 10,000 downloads, more than 500 unique projects utilizing it and deployed in a dozen of production systems with one of the most active developer’s community among grid computing products.

GridGain 2.0 release incorporates number of new and enhanced features:

  • Fully dynamic MapReduce implementation with advanced features like redundant mapping, asynchronous and partial reducing, distributed task session supporting “connected” jobs, per-job and per-task distributed resources and annotation-based grid enabling with AOP
  • Unique early and late load balancing capabilities allowing grid task to fully adapt to non-deterministic nature of execution on the grid
  • Universal and dynamic data partitioning and processing co-location (a.k.a. affinity MapReduce) supporting most of distributed data caching solutions
  • Native out-of-the-box support for leading data caching products such as JBoss Cache and Oracle Coherence
  • Improved runtime metrics, monitoring and management

For more information visit:

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