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GraniteDS 3.0.1.GA released with JavaFX, Flex/Air and Native Android support!

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Paris (France), New York (USA)
// Granite Data Services is an Event-Driven, Cross-Framework, Application Client Container // Read the full announcement on our website here.

Among many other things, GraniteDS 3 brings a production-ready support of JavaFX with the following most salient features:

  • Client-side data management with paged queries, transparent lazing-loading, automatic merges of updated entities with current data, dirty checking, contexts managements, etc.,
  • Auto replication of your JPA model into JavaFX bindable beans,
  • A very compact, binary, serialization format (JMF),
  • Full integration with major JavaEE frameworks (Spring, CDI, EJB).

At a glance, GraniteDS is designed to simplify the development of JavaFX - data-intensive - applications.

Feedback is welcomed! Happy New Year,
Franck Wolff
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