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Flyway 1.6 Released - Agile Database Migrations now also for Google Cloud SQL and Apache Derby

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The Flyway Team is extremely proud to annonce the release of Flyway 1.6.

Flyway ist he Agile Database Migration Framework for Java. It is lightweight, highly reliable and strongly favours convention over configuration. It supports both SQL and Java-based  migrations. It works on Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, Hsql and now also Google Cloud SQL and Derby. It can be executed through the Java API, the Maven Plugin, the Ant Tasks or the Command Line Tool.

And now for the first time, it is taking Database Migrations to the Google cloud! Google AppEngine Applications can now use Flyway to seamlessly migrate their Google Cloud SQL instances. Google Cloud SQL is supported both locally in the development sandbox and remotely on Google’s infrastructure.

On the other end of the scale, Flyway now also supports Apache Derby. This was a highly requested feature. Derby is now fully supported both in embedded and standalone mode!

The Flyway developers would like to extend special thanks to all the users who tirelessly reported issues and contributed fixes. This is the best release of Flyway so far, and it would never have been the same without you! Thank you!


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To all Spring Roo users: Alex Soto released a SpringRoo Add-On for Flyway. This really makes it dead easy for you to get started!


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