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Flux 7.8 Released: New REST Capability For Jobs and Workflows

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Flux is a Java job scheduler, file transfer engine, and workflow engine. It is used by Java developers to embed job scheduling, file transfers, and workflow into their application architectures.

Flux 7.8 includes new features for querying and updating databases as well as calling Web Services and REST Services.

Fully functional evaluation copies of Flux are available for download at:


New features in Flux 7.8 include:

  • REST action for invoking REST services
  • Database actions for querying and updating databases
  • Web Service action improvement so that it properly supports modern Web services available today
  • PostgreSQL database support
  • In-memory database upgraded to the H2 database, which removes the previous limits imposed by HSQL
  • A variety of other documentation and feature additions and improvements


Many Flux users embed Flux in their Java applications to process financial information using file workflows involving Secure FTP file transfers, although many other Flux users also embed Flux for entirely different purposes.

More information about Flux Corporation and the Flux 7.8 release can be found at the Flux website:

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